The Swords of HafrsFjord

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  • Attraction The Swords of HafrsFjord
  • Address Stavanger – Norway
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Hafrsfjord is a fjord located in the municipalities of Stavanger and Sola mainly known for its association with the Battle of Hafrsfjord (Slaget i Hafrsfjord) and the King Harald Hårfagre or Harald “Fairhair”. At the time, Norway was not at all unified but very fragmented and ruled by many local lord, so when in the year 872 at Hafrsfjord Harald “Fairhair” won a great naval battle it gained control over most of western coast of Norway and rightly call himself king of the country. In honor of such a battle you can admire these giant monument with three swords topped by three crowns.The monument was designed by Fritz Røed from Bryne, just south of Stavanger. It was unveiled by Norway’s King Olav in 1983 and the three bronze swords are 10 meters tall. Read more on Wikipedia

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