The attractive Medieval Monastery of Utstein

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  • Attraction Utstein Monastery
  • Address Stavanger – Norway
  • Contact Tel. +47 51 720050
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  • Website Utstein Museum

Utstein Monastery is located on Mosterøy in Rennesøy, about 30 minutes drive from Stavanger through the Rennfast undersea tunnel. The first citation of The Utstein Monastery dates back to the 9th century, at the period of King Harald Fairhair but the monastery in itself was started to build in 1260. The Augustinian monks lived a pious life and is believed to have housed 12 monks, plus a significant number of servants who looked after the farm, did the building work, and prepared the food.

After the Reformation the Monastery fell into disrepair till 1750, when Christopher Garmann moved here and the buildings were refurbished in a very different form. The Monastery was used as a farmhouse for the surroundings fields until the early 1930s while nowadays the Monastery is run as a museum and conference centre, as well as offered for private functions and concert venue.

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