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In this map I wanted to bring together the main places that I have personally visited and in which I had the opportunity; to appreciate the hospitality of the Sami who once could transhum their flocks freely from the interior to the coast and vice versa, without boundaries of borders. Today the different ethnic groups of this population are forced to live within the borders of Norway, Finland, Sweden and the Kola Peninsula with the consequences that from nomadic shepherds they have become mostly breeders and the transhumance of the flocks takes place with difficulty, often with disagreements. with other citizens of these nations. An important note the Sami speak the Sapmi language and their land is also called Sapmi in their language. In English they should be called Sami and not Lapps, while their land Sapmi should be called Samiland (land of the Sami) and not Lapland; both the terms Lapps and Lapland are nowadays considered offensive by this people.

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