We are updating our Online Shop system to new EU regulations, in case of wrong VAT calculation you will be refunded of the difference via PayPal. All other problems are handled according to following terms you should accept before making any purchase.


Our products are available in a range of formats, so you can use them with the device that you like.

We invite you to read the notes on the format that you have purchased or wish to purchase to avoid unnecessary complaints or mishaps, as our products are individually tested before putting them on sale. Take a few minutes to follow the detailed instructions for each format.

Apk file (specifically for devices with Android system) works with version 2.2 and up. After purchase you will be provided the link to download the file to your device. How is it used?

1 – Save the file on your device
2 – install it and use it as any Android app.

Web Html5 File is a product created with JQuery Mobile, or other similar program that creates a file in interactive HTML5, any video content is in mp4, thus the product sold may be used with the iPhone, iPad, Android, PC / Mac, and any other device or laptop that has a next-generation browser such as Chrome, Safari, Webkit, OperaMobile, Boat, Firefox, IE9, etc..
WebHtml5, the product is sold in a zip file. How is it used?

After purchasing the book, you will be given the link to the zip file.

1 – Download and save the file on your device

2 – Warning, do not use the Open command on the Window! You have to Extract the zip file with an extraction program (eg, 7 Zip, WinRAR, FileZip)

3 – Once extracted, click on leggilibro.html or index.html file which will open in your favorite browser and happy reading!

File MP4 – H.264 – File video mp4/h.264 AVC – 720×576 or 480×320. It can be played by almost all mobile devices and desktop.

Important note: The file MP4 when is a single file has a variable file size from about 320MB to 680MB, so make sure you have a stable broadband connection to download it. The purchase allows a maximum of 2 attempts to download in 15 days.

3D Video File – SBS (side by side) – MP4 – H.264 – Film is a remastered version of the 2D to 3D video in Italian.

Size 1920×540 format. The file is a video to be played on:

– computers with video cards & 3D players

– 3D TV set compatible with image format standard 3D – SBS, side by side

– mobiles and tablet with 3D video player, ie: LG Optimus 3D



WEB-HTML5 on: iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia and other devices or emulators using new generation browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Dolphin, Opera Mobile, and others compatible with HTML5 – Video Mp4-H264.

APK on: LG mobiles & tablet, Acer Tablet, Samsung mobiles & Tablet.
To avoid any complaining we ask you to download one of the available FREE product and test it on your device before buying any web-app or apk.

Important note: Shopping guides Apk format, MP4 or WebHtml5 there can be 2 different files to download. The video content is equal to that of the DVD, but has been divided into 2 parts to facilitate downloading to portable devices.



Important notes for the purchase: our products are realized in conformity to the international norms of the standard DVD PAL both DVD video that DVD-R.
We don’t guarantee in some way that can be reproduced with players of other different systems.
Our products are not compatible with the players for computer that uses the coding DVD+R.
We decline any our responsibility on our products that are reproduced with such players, Playstation, Xbox and with other different systems by the standard system PAL above stated.
If you buy our products and don’t have a reader DVD PAL video or a computer reproducer DVD-R PAL, you won’t be refunded in some way.
Our products are singly checked before the consignment. The substitution of the product is possible only in the case in which the package has arrived to you damaged and you has signaled it to the postman to the action of the delivery.
In such case you have to send us within 24 hours a mail to the address and you will receive assistance about it. In all the cases the commodity travels at your expenses.
Being material audiovisual any restitution is not accepted (or formula of recess) or economic reimbursement, done excepted the substitution with an identical copy of the product purchased in the case in which was verified how much above described.
The product always travels at expenses of the buyer.

Double check before purchasing the selected product and verify the compatibility of your gear because you will not be reimbursed in any way, do not accept claims for failure to buy!!

All of our products are sold and distributed only for a personal and private use. Any other type of use (included duplication, rental, conversion in other formats, manipulations of various kind, transmission in public and everything how much the exclusive domestic use is not) it is forbidden and you will be pursued for law if you have not preventively been authorized by us in form writing and signed by both the parts.

Some clips, trailers, promos and videos in this website are released under the legal specifications described by creative commons licenses 3.0 that allow you the download and material’s sharing with author’s attribution but not editing or whatever manipulation as well as is not allowed any commercial use or financial purpose of it.
Where not different specificated the attribution must follow this sample (downloaded from website – author: Angelo Giammarresi). Any term’s violation will be prosecuted by law as well as for our products you buy.

Information for the privacy: We inform you that your name is kept in our database only for tax purposes and/or the dispatch of a periodic newsletter about our products and services not for any other purpose. Your personal data don’t be sold or transferred in some way to third business subjects and you can modify them or to ask its cancellation sending a mail to pointing out REMOVE in the object.


We do not accept complaints of incompatibility then read well the characteristics described next to the format you want. If in doubt please contact us by email before purchase. If you require more files in the same order will be sent on the same CD-ROM or DVD-ROM data and not in separate media. Attention remember that any misuse of our file is punishable as a violation of copyright. You can not resell or transfer to another person files purchased in any way even for free.

Whoever effects a purchase of our products it is kept to entirely read the present instructions and to accept it, therefore, proceeding with the purchase of our products we believe that you have read and approved entirely how much described and anticipated.

In case of legal confrontations the Court of competence is that of Pavia.

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