Shades of Sápmi - Jergul Astu

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  • Title Shades of Sápmi – Jergul Astu
  • Author Angelo Giammarresi
  • Language English
  • Category Travels & Tourism
  • Age for all
  • Price Free browsing online or buy and download
This flipbook of Jergul Astu is based on my new book-format and interactive multimedia tale. Shades of Sápmi – Jergul Astu is the first in a series dedicated to the land of the Saami called precisely Sápmi (invitation to stop using the old terms Lapland and the Lapps, as such terms were coined and used in a derogatory sense, so today are perceived as offensive by Sami).
In any flipbook describe colors, emotions and information experienced during my travels, like this on Jergul Astu, a small village not far from Karasjok where you can relax, go fishing and learn about the ancient traditions of this last remaining indigenous people in Europe.
The journey of this story takes place in early August when the moon is at its perigee, the closest point to the earth … and I invite you to browse through the book to find out what made this place unique for me.

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