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My name is Angelo Giammarresi, writer and director, and for 30 years I have introduced you with my documentaries to beautiful and interesting places in the world that were often hidden or poorly presented to the general public.

My Indigenous Roots” is the latest of my innovative projects with which I want to emphasize the importance of all traditions as a humus of our daily life and preserve their value over time.

Shades of Sapmi, a 2016 mini-guide dedicated to the small Sami village of Jergul Astu in northern Norway, marks the beginning of this ambitious project dedicated to “transcribing the oral traditions of indigenous peoples” in guides, films and interactive multimedia books that preserve their memory over the years to come.

Mapiniki: Interactive History of Our Ashaninka-Yanesha Community (296 pages, 70 video clips and 350 color photos) currently in competition in the multimedia section of the “Città di Como”, Interactive Stories of Our Ashaninka-Yanesha Tradition (104 pages, 30 videoclip), AMAZONIA: Indigenous Communities and Natural Remedies and Na’pa Chomoch Pallerr Yanesha ethnographic film on the difficulty of being a wise indigenous Yanesha with the advance of modernity and in competition in the Ethnological Documentary Film Festival Kratovo 2020 (Macedonia), are the result of the last two years spent in the Peruvian Amazon. All guides, books and films are also available in my online store on this site.

You can actively contribute to the project by making a simple DONATION of just 10 Euros and download your gifts directly.

By donating 10 Euros you will receive the Epub version of Ancestral Stories of Our Ashaninka-Yanesha Tradition book for free

By donating 25 Euros you will receive the multimedia version Mapiniki: Interactive History of Our Ashaninka-Yanesha Native Community 

By donating 50 Euros or more you will receive the film Na’pa Chomoch Pallerr Yanesha and the book Ancestral Stories of Our Ashaninka-Yanesha Tradition

Alternatively, you can also join the fundraising campaign promoted on for just 10 euros with the aim of continuing the production of the other multimedia books dedicated to the different indigenous ethnic groups of the Junin and Pasco della Selva Central regions in Peru.


The material produced as part of the “My Indigenous Roots “My Indigenous Roots” Project is shared with the natives who can use it at will but especially for teaching their offspring and, as one of the leaders of the San Jeronimo Community told me these days, even for online distance lessons that are already planning.


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