Reinskav - Traditional Sauteed Reindeer Meat

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The Reinskav, in Norwegian finnbiff, is a traditional Saami dish of sauteed reindeer meat usually found in Northern Lapland with some variations. In this videoclip you see sauteed reindeer meat with mashed potato and vegetable. I filmed it last summer at Boazo Sami Siida (Alta), but you can also find delicious the recipe variation with lingonberry instead of vegetables. Uhmm, I love it…here’s, Berit Anne Eira preparing Reinskav in a recipe videoclip. If someone thinking to Santa Claus’Rudolph or being vegetarian dislike reinskav can always come to visit Boazo Sami Siida (Alta) and enjoy other meals in the Saami atmosphere.
I wish you enjoy this clip and if you like can buy full videoguides from our video production list about Norway.

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