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DESCRIPTION: Slovenia – video itinerary – 2 – Sited near the borders with Croatia and Hungary, Ormož is a very clean small village and our base during this second itinerary in the Oriental Slovenia. We shoot this video in the beginning of September with a sun shining clear the whole day over a picturesque landscape of grapevines and quietness. We suggest to join us in this itinerary across the sinuous low rounded hill Slovenske Gorice where the delights of Bacchus met the culture long before the transit of the first crusaders.

Video content: Ormož, castle, museum, church of Sveti Jakob Stareiši, hotel Ormož, winery Jeruzalem-Ormož. Velika Nedelja, Church and Castle of the Order of the Teutonic Knights of the Cross, tourist farm Sonja Ozmec. Velicane, ceramics laboratory of Miran Trkulja. Mali Brebrovnik, Manor house & wine cellar-museum “ zidanica Malek”. Svetinje, vineyards, church of Holy Trinity, Svetinjska klet…and more.

Languages: Italian / with English subtitles

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