Do you know the Odon Bär?

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  • Activity Essense of Lapland
  • Address Sirkasgatan 4, S-96231 JOKKMOKK – Sweden
  • Contact Tel.: +46 (0)72-234 89 88
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Odon Bär is the Swedish name for the Bog Bilberry or Vaccinium uliginosum, a native to cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, at low altitudes in the Arctic. Usually, It grows like a small shrub on wet acidic soils on heathland, moorland, tundra but here we’ll see how Eva Gunnare uses this fruits to create a simple and tasty recipe.

Eva Gunnare is a very cheerful and professional person that can make you discover a plenty of herbs in the underwood to make delicious juices and cakes. She runs her company Essense of Lapland and lives in Jokkmokk (Northern Sweden) where you can join her tours everyday

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