Birdwatching in Peru - Ballestas Islands

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  • Attraction Birdwatching at Ballestas Islands
  • Address Paracas – Peru
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Primarily known for the Inca empire and its majestic ruins Peru is actually a treasure trove of attractions both for lovers of culture and traditions, but also especially for bird watchers. This is the first in a series of articles devoted to the suitable places for birdwatching. Often, in some of these places you do not have to be an expert or hide for hours before you can see different species of birds ocean. The Ballestas Islands are among these places. How do you get there? Simple as just join the tour classic by Greptour that goes from Lima to Machu Picchu, one of the stops along the coast we reach Paracas from where we embarked for a two-hour excursion around the Ballestas Islands (Islas Ballestas ) … and here we admired the birds of the photos above. Peruvian Boobies but also ocean gulls of various kinds, etc …
The history of the Ballestas Islands was very troubled. Forgotten or rather unknown for centuries, the islands had become home to millions of birds, resident or migratory, they had colonized.
Their guano had reached a considerable thickness and this allowed the regular recycling of marine biological process until the 50s of the last century did not break out the raid sardine fishery (in Spanish anchovas), mainly used to make gelatin …
At the same time began the industrial exploitation of guano as fertilizer and …
Belonging to the family of Sulidi (Sulidae), the Sula variegata, or Peruvian Booby, is characterized by the long beak, small webbed feet, and fish by diving vertically on their prey, consisting precisely mostly sardines, here is the relationship between the two first topics.
The photos are taken from the first video of some nature reserves of Peru that includes in fact the Ballestas Islands, but also the islands San Gallian havens for sea lions (lobos marinos).
I recommend buying the video if you can not go in person. The videoguide is divided into two parts each lasting 30 minutes, which are for sale, in DVD & file MP4 for instant download.

Natural Oasis of Peru Natural Oasis of Peru
The video is in Italian only.

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