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DESCRIPTION: Peru – video itinerary – 7 – ” Abandon all preconceptions and experience and sharpen the senses or that you enter this forest, here, everything is what tomorrow will not be! Indeed, often the path travelled the day before with the guide, the next day was unrecognizable…” We can summarize our experience with this phrase during the filming of this video… In early 1900 creates the settlement of Puerto Maldonado on the confluence of the Madre de Dios and Tambopata to explore the resources of the rainforest. In 1980 UNESCO declared World Heritage Park of Manu, and in 1990 the area along the River Tambopata be formalized as a protected zone with the name-Candamo Tambopata Reserve. Together with the adjacent Bahuaja Sonene National Park protects a vast area of 3 million acres, including as many as 8 different types of habitats. In one well-Tambopata were recorded 1234 species of butterflies, 103 animals and 74 varieties of reptiles. The species of flowers, plants and insects are another source of innumerable wonders …. but come with us. Languages: Italian / with English subtitles

Languages: Italian / with English subtitles


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