Ruter Retro Café - Boden

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  • Attraction Ruter Retro Café
  • Address Boden – Sweden
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Hello to all ’60s and ’70s fans, you cannot miss such an incredible place in Boden. I was just travelling late August across the town and saw an unusual signboard depicting an old fashioned trailer (roulotte) with Retro Café title. Even I’m not an american style fan I decided to follow the indication and give a glance at.

Upon arriving with my videocamera I found all people watching me like a Martian but soon they come back to their succulent food and entering the cafeteria was a very emotional deep dive in the past century… you can smell the old century style as well as get cloths and other gift in the closer building but the most important thing is the friendly atmosphere of all guests encompassing children, families, singles and a lot of bikers….come and relax you too. Coming soon a videoclip.

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