NORWAY - Lofoten Island - The Enchanted Archipelago (1)





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DVD – Pal Video in Italian without subtitles

DESCRIPTION: Norway – Lofoten Islands – video itinerary – 1 – Some miles off the Norwegian Coasts there lay tens of beautiful islands forming the enchanting Lofoten Archipelago. Even if you are a nature lover or a common tourist, when have to come back home, you will feel sick to abandon this incredible paradise.

Video content: RØST, the island. SKOMVÆR’s lighthouse. Å, village-museum, maelstrom current. BUNESS, beach and bird nesting places. REINE, the little town & the fjord.

Languages: Italian only

Important note: Shopping guides Apk format or WebHtml5 there are 2 different files to download. The video content is equal to that of the DVD, but has been divided into 2 parts to facilitate downloading to portable devices.

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