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DESCRIPTION: ITALY – videoitinerary – 11 – Located 675 m s.l.m.. LIVO is one of many villages that dot the western foothills of the High Lake Como. The network of trails around it and the mild climate make it an ideal refuge for those who escape the summer heat of the lake areas. Populated by several hundred people in winter clothes itself instead of a quiet romantic atmosphere, culminating in the Christmas period. It is exactly 24 December 2004 when we reach Livo for the second time. To our amazement, the whole town is a frenzy of people who prepares, saw, try his hand and talk vaguely waiting for the evening when everyone in a delicious blend of faith and tradition will animate the streets with the crib of traditional crafts and Finally, once again … will LIVO her new baby Jesus… But this is after the while doing his best wishes for happy holidays and let the story discreet and watchful eye of our camera.

Languages: Italian only

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