Nutraceutical Food of the Peruvian Andes



Nutraceutical Food of the Peruvian Andes by Bertha Balbin Ordaya – During my trip to Peru in 2017, I had the opportunity to interact with different personalities in the tourist and cultural world, among which the well-prepared geographer, Bertha Olga Balbin Ordaya, author of this really interesting book. A book that stands out from the mediocrity of many guides who huddle at food salutism and cheer up in mid-world stores.
The book, whose original title is Alimentos Nutraceuticos de los Andes Peruanos, is presented in a simple, direct but accurate language, fruit of the direct experience of the author who grew up in a family that has been practicing the food knowledge of the ancient Andean peoples for generations.

Features and format: The book is bilingual, Spanish-English and consists of 100 richly illustrated pages. You will find not only product analysis, but also practical tips and recipes that are easy to implement. The content and photos are of the author while the graphic design is the result of my collaboration with the author I suggested to use an innovative electronic format based on the HTML5 standard, optimal for a fluid and animated viewing in all electronic devices, from smartphones to PCs regardless of their operating system.

Title: Nutraceutical Food of the Peruvian AndesAuthor: Bertha Olga Balbin Ordaya

Language: bilingual, Spanish-English

Pages: 100 pp / A4 with color illustrations

Format: in HTML5 as zip file

Availability: Immediate download

File size: 80MB

Price: Euro 10,00

Important note: To purchase the book from Peru and other Latin American countries, please contact author Bertha Balbin Ordaya directly by email:

Alimentos Nutracéuticos de los Andes peruanos de Bertha Olga Balbin Ordaya – Durante mi reciente viaje a Perú, tuve la oportunidad de interactuar con diferentes personalidades en el turismo y mundo culturalcomo la geógrafo bien preparado, Bertha Olga Balbin Ordaya autora de este libro realmente interesante . Un libro que está separado de la mediocridad de muchas guías que provienen de la conciencia de la salud alimentaria, y que despoblado en las tiendas de todo el mundo. El libro se presenta en un lenguaje sencillo, directo pero veraz, fruto de la experiencia directa del autor que creció en una familia que ha estado practicando los conocimientos alimentarios de los antiguos pueblos andinos durante generaciones.
El libro tiene 100 paginas, está en idiomas Español-Inglés y disponible por la descarga en formato electrónico HTML5.
Para comprar el libro en Perú y Latino America póngase en contacto directamente con el autora Bertha Balbin Ordaya, email:

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