Match The Silhouette

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  • Game Match The Silhouette
  • Type Didactic
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Age 3-7 years
  • Year 2015
  • Language English for Baby
  • Price Free
  • Platform Html5 – Online
  • Author Angelo Giammarresi
  • Publisher Angelo Giammarresi

The second in a series of educational games for preschoolers . It is a simple game, where you have very intuitive drag and match the different fruits with their silhouettes. The game is timed and allows you to try different combinations until you find the correct one. You have two minutes to match all the fruits with the correct silhouettes, then resets and you have to start over.
Game objectives: 1-stimulate the perception of colors and shapes in younger children.
2- To develop a better manual.
3- Learning of English

Important: This game can be used for easy learning of English. In fact, all the fruits are described in English in both voice and visually that increase the game-learning.
The game works online with the most recent browser like Safari, IE9 +, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, and therefore can be used with any operating system. Currently, I have personally tested successfully on Linux, Android, iOS, Win & Mac. The future version will make use of new sound-changes that will increase the game-learning.

To create this game we took advantage of many features of the Active Presenter, the flagship product of Atomi, one of our new partners. It is a versatile program suitable for creating simple presentations that sophisticated tutorial exported in different formats. This play is in HTML5 whereas the tutorial on Creating titles in 2D / 3D with Marquee I exported in MP4 directly from Active Presenter. In a future article I go into the use of Active Presenter.

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