Top Traditional Art at Juhls' Silvergallery

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  • Activity Juhls’ Silvergallery
  • Address Kautokeino
  • Contact Tel. +47 78 484330
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The Juhls’ Silvergallery deserve a bit of time to be appreciated. In late 1950s Regine, originally from German decided to escape urban life to exploit her artistic talent in a more wilder place then Wien where she lived. In her way up to North Europe met Frank Juhls, from Denmark, who had taken the same decision so romantically started a very small workshop in the middle of nowhere, because at the time Kautokeino had no connection road with other places and…On my opinion, it worth a visit sooner or later in your life, I visited it twice in the gap of 10 years about and both time the atmosphere enthralled me…coming soon slideshow and videoclip.

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