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Thank you for your interest in this channel about Professional Video Editing based on Avid Media Composer 5.x. interface. My name is Angelo Giammarresi, I’am a video director and producer of 90 documentaries around the world, teacher of video-editing courses and more.

Why this Channel? Simple, because I’d like to share with you my expertises and knowledge acquired since 1978 in TV and multimedia productions. Besides, I saw that students attending my lessons in post-graduated courses had many doubts but many of these due to ignorance of very basic editing tools.

Here’s this channel which features 11 basic/intermediate video-lessons, practical notes and suggestions, and more tutorial will be added in future.

I wish you enjoy the channel news and make it profitable in your daily work.

My Warmest Regards,
Angelo Giammarresi
CEO-World On Communications
The subscription let you access for one year to only members contents, upon expiring the subscription doesn’t renew itself automatically, so you will not be charged again unless you re-subscribe the membership level.

These flip-lessons presented for the first time, are a bit graphically revamped version of our renown and appreciated course, already that has helped many beginners to use the professional editing software:Avid Media Composer.
The course is also available in WebHtml5 and APK for Android systems, on sale in our Product Catalogue and is available in English, Italian and Spanish.
Why 5.x? Because the first thing I appreciated from Avid company is that the interface is shared among the products’ levels of the same version. It means that 5.1, 5.2 and all 5.x version kept the same or very similar interface which permits you to find the most used tools in products of superior levels. So, learning to use this version you can be sure to use, even at minimum, any another Avid software like Simphony or higher.
In fact, I created this course upon the doubts and questions made by students during my classroom lessons of Directing and Editing teachings. Anyone can use this course because it’s made a simple schematic and preliminary to the construction of a project, from the choice of settings to export the final video. Besides, the main digital video-editing concepts can be used in any professional video-editing software.
You will learn to set your project either HD or SD (we use SD example along the course), arrange your workspace to fit better your habits, creating virtual keyboards to speed up the process, etc., see lesson details below.


Lesson 1: Introduction – Initial Settings – Create custom windows
Lesson 2: Project Tabs – Set of items: Audio Settings – Audio Project – Bin – Bin View – Import – Interface
Lesson 3: Customize Keyboard – Set of items: Trim – Video Display – Capture – Deck Configuration – Media Creation – Capture Toolset (Image Capture) – Batch Capture/Log Shot
Lesson 4: Bin: Opening Clip – Bin View – Background Color – Opening External Bin – Super Bin – AMA Files
Lesson 5: First Editing – Undo/Redo – Sequences/Source Window – Subclip – Timeline Tracks – Functions: Splice In – Add Edit – Lift – Extract
Lesson 6: Pre-Editing in the Bin – Functions: Fill Window – Splice In – Overwrite – Segment Mode Splice In – Segment Mode Overwrite
Lesson 7: Overwrite Trim – Ripple Trim – Locators
Lesson 8:Quick Transition – Focus Function – Segment Effects – Effect Mode – Superimpose – Timewarp – Trim To Fill
Lesson 9: Timecode Burn-In – Match Frame – Freeze Frame – Motion Effect – Stabilization Effect – Color Correction
Lesson 10: Title Tool/Titling – Rendering Video Effects – Audio Editing
Lesson 11: Audio Track Options – Auto Gain – Auto Pan – Mixdown Video – Mixdown Audio – Digital Cut/Export

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