Tips & Clips - Avid Media Composer 5.x - Lesson 10

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Lesson 10: Title Tool/Titling – Rendering Video Effects – Audio Editing
Language: English

NOTES: These last two video lessons, are not a summary of the course, but to complete the project until the final export.

TIPS: I suggest you to spend a little of time in making your experiments between the two options to enter the names Title Tool and Marquee which offers Media Composer, we chose to use Title Tool which is the most easily understood and generally also the most used. In fact, the titles created with Title Tool can be used as a simple clip, moved from one track to another, superimposed on the image and implemented with effect. For other types of titling, each can be selected from following his favourite package of plugins developed for Media Composer, which is not the objective of this course.

Lesson 10

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