This new flipbook offers two games for learning the English language even preschoolers.
The Playbook, so named precisely because it is intended for recreational use of the book represents a breakthrough in the current publishing scene.
In the near future we will realize a series of flipbook of various topics that will be able to match the interaction and animations also games and quizzes different nature.

File .ZIP – Works with any portable device and desktop. Once you download the file zip on your computer is no longer needed an active internet connection, just open the zip folder and double-click the index.html file that you will find inside. The book will open automatically on your device. In case you get a blank page please, go back to the file zip you downloaded, use the command Extract (not Open) to extract the content in another folder then double-click the index.html.

Language English

Format HTML5

File size File ZIP 7MB ca

Before downloading you should read the usage notes

I invite you to browse and play online with the Playbook Preview

© 2024 – Angelo Giammarresi

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