Paintings from North Area

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  • Artist Odd Johan Marakatt Sivertsen
  • Address Lyngen – Norway
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Odd Johan Marakatt Sivertsen is a famous Saami painter that I had a chance to meet during one of my trips in Norway. Born in Kåfjord actually lives in Nannestad, Norway. He had been exposing his masterpieces in museum and gallery of Danemark, Faroe, Finland, Sweden and Norway such as Rovaniemi Art museum among others. around Scandinavia and not all.

Odd Johan Marakatt Sivertsen in his art particularly transfuse a Læstadianismen feeling that you can appreciate in some paintings here in the slidegallery. One glasswork I want to underline here, is called the Coastal Woman and is a tribute to the women on our shores for their efforts throughout the ages.


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