Mighty Rock Truck at Boliden Aitik Copper Mine

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  • Activity Boliden Aitik
  • Address Aitik – Sweden
  • Contact Tel. +46 970 729000
  • E-mail n/a
  • Website n/a
Boliden Aitik, situated outside the town of Gällivare is Sweden’s largest copper mine.
Vast quantities of rock are mined and transported around the clock every day at Aitik’s open pit. The deposit consists of chalcopyrite and pyrite yielding copper and little quantity of other minerals.

Aitik is also home to some of the largest machines in the world like the huge rock trucks that weigh 570 tonnes when fully loaded – the wheels alone are 4 metres in diameter. Of course, a diatribe is in course between mine company and Saami people claiming the respect of their land. In summer you can join a guided tour of the mine sites. Here’s a videoclip about some mine operations.

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