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SHAMANIC DRUMMING “CALLING THE SPIRITS” di Michael Drake -This preview book publishing, is an example of 3D FlipBook with background music, music clip that starts when the page opens, videos in 3D, Photo Gallery 3D Spherical, links and other interactivity. FlipBook 3d made to the American author and shaman, Michael Drake. Web client:

The meeting with Michael Drake was born apparently accidentally, after I had read the first chapter free of this book intrigued me so much, to the point of contact via e-mail, and propose an exchange. Profound writer and spritual person of great value not only immediately accepted the proposal, but he sent me a copy of his books and his shamanic music. We began an epistolary relationship deepening, and then I devoted to the development of the preview. So here comes this 3D FlipBook with a brief background music, taken from the song Eagle Rising, the album Power Animal Drumming. The theme of this formula FlipBook also included buttons clustered in the shape of bear paws that is one of the most important animals in the spiritual landscape of a shaman …. In the inside pages were inserted audio clips (pages 5 and 7), a video clip (page 12) and a spherical 3D photo gallery (page 17).

The FlipBook 3D was created from a text file supplied to us by the author to which were added the various interactivity.

This type of 3D FlipBook is available in formats Flash / html for viewing online or in .Exe file for offline use on your PC.