Fell Centre Kiilopää

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  • Attraction Fell Centre Kiilopää
  • AddressKiilopääntie 620, FI-99830 SAARISELKÄ
  • Contact Tel. +358 16 6700700
  • E-mail n/a
  • Website n/a

Kiilopää is a place for relaxing and making activities throughout the year. I visited again in August after about 18 years and I found a plenty of new features, of course internet Wi-Fi didn’t exist at time of my first visit in 1996 but also I loved a lot the relaxing place of the smoke sauna with a delicious pond…here if you like can undertake several itineraries to hike for one or more days. I suggest you hire a guide like Maurizio, he’s a very experienced one and not only know the surrounding fells like his pocket but can explain a plenty of scientific curiosity too. In winter of course you can ski in the surrounding and enojoy the Aurora Borealis..coming soon a videoclip.
Fell Centre Kiilopää is Open everyday from 8am to 10pm!

  • Accommodation, Café, Restaurant
  • Smoke sauna & swimming
  • Mini market, Souvenir shop
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